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TC Pools, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business. Originating in Cokato, Minnesota with owner and builder Scott Tulkki and his brother Greg, the business began as a pool construction company called Tulkki Construction, Inc. in 2001. They began selling swimming pools and accessories shortly thereafter, and TC Pools was born.


  • In the late 90's, Scott and Greg began on the construction side of pools as pool builders.
  • In 2001 Tulkki Construction, Inc. became established in MN. In the beginning they were a home based business. They quickly evolved into a leading sub-contracting swimming pool builder in the Minneapolis St. Paul area.
  • In 2006 they began selling pools and as these are the integral part of their business, they felt it was time to bring "Pools" into their name. As a result, Tulkki Construction became TC Pools.
  • In 2009 TC Pools opened up their first retail location off of Highway 12 in Cokato to keep up with their growing business. Rather than passing the rising costs of the retail outlet on to the customers, they made a decision to close it down in 2011. With the focus of the whole company on the Pool building side TC Pools has been able to grow and thrive in the bad economy, without inflating prices. Customers have been hoping the retail outlet will be open again, for the convenience... When TC Pools can match the online prices, a new retail location will be open. TC Pools has been and plans to stay around for a long time.
The Tulkki family still owns and operates the company. And although the company name changed years ago, the family's commitment to the same excellent quality and customer satisfaction that has made them an industry leader in swimming pool construction and service remains stronger than ever. All products or services purchased from Tulkki Construction will continue to be warrantied by TC Pools.
Over the years, they have learned how to customize each pool to suit the owner’s needs and expectations. Together they know just about everything to keep your pool looking the envy of the neighborhood! Not only have they installed pools, automatic pool covers, and vinyl liners for some of the top names in the state, they now have their own growing customer base of very satisfied Minnesotans!

TC Pools continues to be a family run company; both Greg and Scott’s families have worked hard to establish a committed, honest, and successful business by putting in the long hours necessary to see the business flourish. Both families have the utmost respect for creating a place of relaxation and quality that is reflected in each job they take on. Greg, Scott, and their employee’s continually attend training seminars each year to keep them up to date and informed on the industries latest installation techniques, products, and standards. Both Greg and Scott are certified pool and spa operators and members of the association of pool and spa professionals. So far, their customer base has expanded each year, despite the economy – they take this to be a very good sign of their customer loyalty and satisfaction. Count on seeing TC Pools in your western metro neighborhoods, or out in the smaller towns of Minnesota (which is where our crew members live!). They gladly travel throughout most of Minnesota, offering excellent value and quality in their services and products. If you are looking for an exceptional and experienced pool company you need look no further.

TC Pools is a full service, family owned and operated business, with a commitment to excellence in swimming pool design, construction, and customer service.


TC Pools Mission Statement

Our mission is not to sell the most pools but to take care of the one’s that we do. Not to build the most pools, just the best. Not to sell the most expensive pool, but a pool at the best value. At TC Pools we strive to bring excellence, professionalism, and dedication to every project.

What this means to us…

By remaining a small owner-builder company, we can continually provide complete customer satisfaction. We have no desire to be a volume builder. We place our emphasis on customer service and satisfaction and not on a large amount of pools we will never be able to service. Each employee of TC Pools has been trained in the classroom as well as the field which helps expands our company knowledge base. The training and experience has also allowed us to grow and to expand so that we can not only meet your expectations, but we can exceed them as well. We have built a talented team that focuses on quality, honesty, integrity, and dependability, to efficiently complete all tasks at hand. Here at TC Pools we take great pride in what we do because we do it well.

Contact us today; you will enjoy working with our talented, friendly, and knowledgeable team. Let us prove to you that there really is a “TC” difference.
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