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If an inground swimming pool isn't in your future for whatever reasons, maybe an above ground pool is the solution. When it’s 90 degrees outside, the water in an above ground pool feels exactly the same as it does in an inground pool; REFRESHING!!! . What better way is there to enjoy the dog days of summer, than floating around in your own above ground pool. Here at TC Pools we offer a selection of models to choose from to fit any budget and to enhance any backyard setting. These pools are very inexpensive and easy to maintain which makes enjoying them all the better.

Atlantic Pools is one of North America’s original manufacturers of above ground pools starting in the 1930’s. Atlantic’s commitment to product quality, innovation, and above all else, customer satisfaction, has earned them a worldwide reputation for outstanding value and unwavering reliability.
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The Outback above ground pool line is built to last and the Southport GLX series delivers quality at an affordable price. The pool is available in a variety of sizes, all holding fast to the same sturdy Outback construction standards.
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Above ground pool kits include:
  • pool wall and frame
  • pool liner
  • pump & filter package
  • skimmer package with return fitting
  • A-frame ladder
  • maintenance kit with pole
  • winter cover
  • solar cover
  • delivery of pool kit
Some additional upgrades:
  • automatic cleaners
  • chlorinators
  • heaters
  • pool lighting
  • toys / accessories
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Southport GLX above-ground pool example

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Atlantic Pools are the reputable choice for quality and long-term dependability. Atlantic is the world's largest manufacturer of family-sized above ground steel pools. Atlantic’s round and oval style pools are equipped with exclusive support systems designed to deliver a level of structural support, styling, and ease of assembly unsurpassed in the industry. Atlantic pools are made with hot-dipped premium galvanized steel, and corrugated walls to ensure long-term resistance to ice and impact damage. A sophisticated system of coatings protects against the effects of corrosion, UV exposure, and everyday wear and tear. Loads of family fun and worry-free relaxation come with every Atlantic pool!

Here at TC pools the above ground pools are what originally got us started years ago and helped us become what we are today. Owners Greg and Scott quickly became regarded as elite above ground pool installers and have been looked upon as a source of knowledge from other pool installers and pool stores.

Greg and Scott have installed and/or replaced liners in many above ground and onground pools from manufacturers such as: Atlantic, Artesian, Olympic, Aqua Leader, Cantar, Doughboy, Lomart, Symphony Series, Outback, Esther Williams, Patriot, Polytech, Kayak, Vogue, Muskin, Cornelius, and Sharkline among others.

With such experience TC pools confidently sells and installs Atantic and Outback pools. While we do realize the many manufacturers of above ground pools, we recommend these pool manufacturers because we feel they provide the best value for the price. There are pools out there that we feel are not worth their investment, and we can help you make an informed decision. The above ground pools that we sell are a quick, simple, and affordable solution to your backyard that can be enjoyed year after year.

If you are interested in becoming an above ground pool owner please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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