about above ground pools


Here are some general steps that are taken to install an above-ground pool. A typical pool installation takes about 1 day.

  • stake out swimming pool location
    Stake out the location of the swimming pool.
  • excavate the pool
    Excavate the pool.
  • install support system (oval pool)
    Install support system
    (oval pool).
  • install pressure plates (oval pool)
  • Install water pressure plates.
  • finish leveling pool
    Finish Leveling Pool Bottom.
  • install pool wall
    Install pool wall.
  • install pool equipment
    Install pool filter and equipment.
  • compact above ground pool sand bottom
    Compact Pool Bottom.
  • trowel pool bottom
    Trowel pool bottom, ensuring that it is smooth.
  • install vinyl pool liner
    Install vinyl pool liner.
  • finish plumbing and fill pool
    Finish plumbing and fill pool.
  • pool is complete and ready to enjoy!
    Pool is complete and ready to enjoy!
  • Contact us today with questions regarding a pool installation.
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