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Another staple in the TC Pools arsenal is their leak detection service. TC Pools has been pursuing those “pesky” leaks for years now. By continually installing swimming pools and equipping ourselves with the latest in swimming pool leak technology, TC Pools is not only able to help you solve and understand your pool water loss problems, but also repair the cause(s) of it.

detecting a leak
It can be hard to keep water in a swimming pool. Every pool is probably going to start leaking at some point in its useful life. These leaks can be more than just an inconvenience. An un-repaired hole the size of a pencil tip can result in hundreds of gallons of water lost per day. In addition to the replacement cost of pool chemicals and water, leaks in your swimming pool may lead to more serious structural and mechanical problems if not addressed. Fortunately, TC Pools has specialized equipment to effectively locate leaks, and once located they then can offer leak repair solutions.

Pool leaks can develop as a result of many reasons such as:

  • poor construction methods
  • accidents
  • carelessness
  • plumbing failure
  • equipment failure
  • liner failure
  • winter damage
  • normal wear and tear
  • pets/animals

A small percentage of pool water loss can naturally occur due to reasons such as:

  • evaporation
  • splash-out
  • backwash waste water

Evaporation can be increased and dependant on such variables as the surface area of the pool, pool temperature, ambient air temperature, relative humidity, and wind.

Another variable to consider when monitoring pool water loss is the fact that pool water can be increased by rainfall, compromising the water loss reading. Because there are so many variables that can affect water loss, we have set some general parameters. It can be normal to lose 1/4” -1/2” a day and up to 2” over a period of a week on an uncovered pool. If you experience water loss outside of these parameters, than a leak is likely.
If your pool is covered with either a solar or an automatic pool cover and you experience any water loss greater than 1/8” a day than a leak is very probable.

A swimming pool leak sometimes can be located by simply inspecting the vinyl liner or shell, as well as the area around the pool and pool equipment. More times than not, finding a pool leak is just not that simple and requires specialized equipment and tools to help locate them. leak detection kit

TC Pools offers a “full leak test” that includes the pressure testing of manifolds, underground plumbing lines, and an electronic leak test of the pools vinyl liner. After these tests, TC Pools can then accurately diagnose and suggest ways to repair the pools source(s) of water loss.

Once the leaks are found most simple repairs (such as vinyl patches), can be done immediately. Further repairs to underground plumbing, pool equipment or to the pools shell however, will usually involve additional work and tools. TC Pools has done and has the necessary tools and equipment to do these repairs as well. Any repairs that involve extra work and tools will be quoted separately.

leak stopper With our dive equipment we are also able to do underwater repairs and patching among other things such as replacing faulty drain covers.

Also keep in mind that while it appears that there is just one obvious leak, there in fact may be multiple leaks that contribute to the pool water loss. This is why a “full leak test” is recommended. While a “full leak test” is the preferred test, a test can be performed on just the pools plumbing or vinyl liner.

Don’t worry, since TC Pools installs swimming pools, liners, and pool equipment, the technicians are very knowledgeable about the whole pool structure and how each aspect of your pool may reflect on your water loss. For those pool leaks that are harder to locate TC Pools has the equipment, knowledge, and experience to help you. If you feel that your pool is losing water and you are in need of a leak detection service, please contact us.

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