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Here at TC Pools we understand that neglect, age, salt water, and the elements can leave your pool looking tired, old, and out-dated. A pool renovation may just be what you need to keep your pool looking fresh and new. We at TC Pools can re-energize your pool and can get it looking new, usable, and more enjoyable by adding and updating items such as the pool equipment, concrete, plumbing, vinyl liner, and by adding features such as an automatic pool cover.

We do the small jobs from replacing cracked returns and skimmers due to poor construction methods on new and old pools; slides and diving boards, to the even bigger pool renovations that involve more experience, knowledge, and skills such as replacing completely corroded, rusted out galvenized steel wall panels, vermiculite bottoms, and old, aged, entry steps. TC Pools has done it and is not new to these repairs or updates that that may be needed on kit pools.

By no means is this list of potential renovations and updates complete. When a renovation is looked at TC Pools experience is more than able to lead the way.
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